Finally, College Football Has a Playoff System!

Ok. So, we still have to live with the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) for only two more years, but college football will be adopting a four-team playoff system during the start of the 2014 season and we will have it until the end of the 2025 season. This is good news for college football fans. We have all wanted a playoff system for some time now and on June 26th the NCAA agreed to institutionalize a playoff system. The playoff system will be way different than all the other sport’s playoff system in the NCAA. This playoff system will have four-teams and will be selected by a selection committee not by polls or other ranking systems. The selection committee will choose the four-teams based on strength of schedule, win-loss record, head-to-head results, and whether the team is a conference champions. The selection committee will add two more criterions to rank the teams which have not been determined yet. ข่าวบอล Most likely the other two criteria will be based on team prestige and the conference it is affiliated with.

Now we get down to the logistics of this new system. Where will the playoff games be played? Are they going to be the old BCS bowl games? These are questions that I asked myself when I first heard about the new playoff system and the answers to both of these questions are still very vague. The championship game will be played on “Championship Monday,” which will be held on the first Monday in January. The national championship game will be rewarded to the highest bidder and played at that site which will be neutral. The semi-final games are where it gets a little confusing because the NCCA hasn’t finalized anything with these games. The games will be like BCS bowl games and rotated through six designated sites depending on what conferences are playing against each other, though the sites have not been fully approved but the NCAA. But, they will most likely be the sites of the four major bowls that the BCS currently has plus two more sites.

The playoff is a good idea and was very much needed. There have been a number of crazed college football fans screaming for a playoff system for years and now they finally got one. Being an avid football fan myself, I was extremely happy to hear the news as well, but the main reason why this system isn’t fully agreed upon yet is because of the money factor. The BCS did a solid job splitting revenues between conferences and teams as well as letting the fans know what bowls our favorite teams will be playing in, and now we have no clue where they will be playing them. Also, we have a committee of biased people who choose the top four teams. I can honestly say that I would rather have computer ranking pick the top four teams rather than a group of old men sitting in a room talking about the good ole days. This, in my opinion, is the only flaw of the playoff system. But I am sure that when football starts and the playoff system is in full effect, we will be way happier with it that the BCS.

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